Questões da Verdade

Science and religion are both vital to our understanding of the universe, and there is no contradiction between up-to-date science and Christianity. John Polkinghorne, renowned scientist-turned-theologian, demonstrates this clearly in a new book with collaborator Nicholas Beale. Questions of Truth outlines fifty-one important questions on science and religion and their responses by both Polkinghorne and Beale. The book has a foreword by Tony Hewish and an endorsement from William D Phillips - both Nobel Prizewinners - as well as endorsements from renowned evolutionary scientists Prof Martin Nowak and Dr Francis Collins. The science is solid, the responses intruiging. Questions posed in the book include:

  • Can God’s existence be proved? For an outline of the author’s views on this do click here
  • Is God a Delusion? Do click here for an outline of the authors’ positions on this point.
  • What about Evil - natural and human?
  • How did the universe begin?
  • Is evolution fact or theory?
  • Why is there cancer?
  • Does religion inspire evil acts?
  • Do we have souls?

Readers can follow their own paths through the book, selecting questions that interest them and looking at the additional material if they choose.

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I do hope you, and your readers, enjoy the book. Do let us know what you think.

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